Сварочные материалы Magmaweld
производства Oerlikon Kaynak Elektrodlary ve Sanayi A.S.(Турция)

Magmaweld 2010

  • C 2007г. доступна к заказу высококачественная омедненная сварочная проволока марок 
  • Magmaweld MG2 (DIN 8559 SG2; EN 440 G3Si1; EN 1668 W3Si1, AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6, аналог Св08Г2С-О ГОСТ 2246-70),
  • Magmaweld MG3 (DIN 8559 SG3; EN 440 G4Si1; EN 1668 W4Si1, AWS A5.18 ER 70S-6, аналог Св08Г2С-О ГОСТ 2246-70).
  • Продукция под брендом Oerlikon Magmaweld выпускается на заводе Oerlikon Kaynak Elektrodlary ve Sanayi A.S. (Турция)
  • Диаметры от 0.8 до 1.6 мм, рядная намотка (для диаметров от 1.0 до 1.6), на пластиковых D100, D200, D300 и металлических каркасах K300MS (без необходимости применения адаптера).
  • Вес от 1кг. (D100) и 5кг. (D200), от 15кг (D300, K300MS) и до суперпаков по 50кг и  бигпаков по 250кг (Drum).
  • Продукция сертифицирована.
  • За информацией по ценам, наличию и заказам на продукцию, просьба обращаться к менеджерам по продажам Отдела Сварочных Материалов.

сварочная проволока MG2 (аналог сварочной проволоки Св08Г1С-О)
сварочная проволока MG3 (аналог сварочной проволоки Св08Г2С-О)
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Manisa Plant

    Информация о компании:

    The powerful magma, hidden inside our planet inspired us to create Magmaweld as a global brand for our powerful arcbased product technologies. Although Magmaweld brand is young, our expertise in the field of welding and cutting dates back to 1957. We have started with the production of stick electrodes as a licensee of Oerlikon Schweisstechnik Inc. of Switzerland and since then we are the leading welding consumables and equipment manufacturing group in Turkey.
    Today our activities are gathered under two separate business units, in two separate factories, one for welding consumables and the other for welding/cutting machines and automation. Our factories are located in the Industrial Site of Manisa, which is 40 km away from the main harbor of Izmir/Turkey.
    350 people are employed in the 35, 000 m2 factory where the total output is 35, 000 tons of various welding products annually. All products are manufactured according to international standards and most of them are approved by major institutes like TUV and Lloyd's.
    Since 1995, our working procedures are approved and controlled by ISO 9001 system and today all our welding machines are CE certified and most of our electrodes and wires are TÜV, DB, CWB, ABS, BV, RINA, DNV, GL, LR and RMR approved.
    The most important thing for welders is to have non-stop welding and for companies to have non-stop production. Magmaweld brand is created to satisfy these expectations of the metal construction industry all over the world with new designs, formulas and production methods as a complete source for welding consumables and equipments.          
    Welders are experts who know exactly what they need and Magmaweld is here to fulfill all their needs with innovative solutions. We share our expertise with our customers on their projects and we give training courses at different levels. Also, every year, we train in Turkey 300 workers free of charge to enable them to receive entry-level welder certificates in order to find jobs in the industry.

    Try our products and services; enjoy the FLOW,
enjoy NON-STOP Welding & Cutting !